Orion XTRPRO122 12

SinceSince the beginning, Orion has been all about High Performance Car Audio and Hardcore Attitude… Attitude that is being hammered into the DNA of every piece of industrial-strength Orion Car Audio equipment, and the players that use and abuse it, the bass heads and boulevard bullies who will testify that the baddest car and the loudest system ride on the same chassis – theirs !! SPL competitors, world champions, hot rodders, urban cruisers and the ones that just want to have fun alike are motivated to roll with the bullet proof performance and legendary muscle that is Orion Car Audio. 12-Inch 1000 Watt Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer Cruisin' the streets and hunting the competition, meet XTR's big brother! Twice the power of the XTR with all the trimmings. Born with a bad attitude and the muscle to back it up, these subs hit harder and stronger than other wanna-be players.

Orion XTRPRO122 12


ORION - Orion Car Audio has been all about High Performance Car Audio and Hardcore Attitude since the beginning.


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Versions available:
Orion XTRPRO122 12" Dual 2 ohm XTR PRO Series Car Subwoofer - XTRPRO122