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Cold Air Intakes

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Cold Air Intakes
Innovative's cold air intakes boost performance and look great.

1. Airaid

The Complete Power Package: Call it the Power Principle: Better breathing equals more horsepower and torque. In order to fully understand this philosophy, you have to get down to basics. Since an engine is essentially a giant air pump, improving. . .

2. K&N

K&N Air Intakes dramatically reduce intake restriction. This translates into more usable power and torque throughout your engine's RPM range. Guaranteed increase in power & acceleration. Over 500 intake systems available.

3. S&B

S&B Filters is a manufacturer of cold air intakes, filters and other performance parts, specializing in diesel/gas trucks and SUVs. Holding true to our goal, we engineer intake systems to greatly reduce airflow restriction, while still. . .

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